The Way to Summer

Miz Suzman, my best friend was whipped ferociously last week for taking part in a nonviolent demonstration against Apartheid. Now, it does not look like he will recover... Each day, the singing in my head grows louder and louder. Sometimes I cannot hear the rest of the world at all... Miz Suzman, something has to change. I know you have the power to change these things. Your voice will be heard.
                        - An excerpt from "The Way To Summer"

This piece tackles issues of racism, sexism, and anti-semitism and how we need to look within ourselves to combat the seeds of prejudice and intolerance. The play tells the story of human rights activist Helen Suzman, the only member of the anti-apartheid party for thirteen years during the early years of apartheid. It also delves into the lives two women (one Jewish, one Afrikaner) who face problems of unemployment, violence, and prejudice in modern day South Africa. While the end of apartheid was a remarkable achievement and step forward, The Way To Summer reminds us that there is still much work to be done and many challenges that South Africa faces -- challenges which echo the universal and worldwide problems stemming from discrimination and intolerance.

The play was written by Nadine Bernard (OOTS' Artistic Director).

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