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The critically acclaimed performance about Postpartum Depression, In the Shadow of My Son, is now available on DVD as a 45 minute solo performance by the playwright!

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Artistic Director Nadine Bernard's New Play Miss Valentine

Miss Valentine, February 12 and 13, 2010 in Montclair, New Jersey

The Van Vleck House in Montclair New Jersey saw a parlor reading of Artistic Director Nadine Bernard's new play Miss Valentine on February 12 and 13, 2010 at 7:30pm. It was a fundraiser for the Van Vleck House and Gardens.
Esther Howland (Jessica Colotta) and Mr. Valentine (Mark Simmons)

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In the Shadow of My Son: The Solo Performance

In the Shadow of my Son was adapted for a 45 minute, one woman performance. See author and Out of the Shadow Productions' Artistic Director, Nadine Bernard, perform!

Previous Shows and Reviews

The play, In the Shadow of My Son, was produced throughout the United States and Canada, including appearing at the Soho Playhouse as part of The 2007 New York International Fringe Festival - Fringe NYC. For more information see our special FringeNYC page.

Upcoming shows

Keep checking back here for details of Autumn 2008 performances of our new play about South Africa, The Way to Summer.

Mother's Out of the Shadow Campaign

What People Have Said About In the Shadow of My Son

"We cannot say enough about your wonderful play... We were all filled with emotion watching those characters tell their stories. The production is well-constructed, cast, and the time just flew. We were enthralled... I am honored to support this exceptional work."
- Susan Dowd Stone, LCSW, psychotherapist; President of Postpartum Support International

"It's very rare for me, at this point in my life, that something holds my attention so deeply that I lose track of time. I truly felt lost in the drama...
I really do think you could be like the Angels in America for PPD."
- Dr. Alexis E. Menken; Psychologist and New Jersey Coordinator for Postpartum Support International

"Eric Bentley, writing of Shaw's THE QUINTESSENCE OF IBSENISM, praised it as 'a work that can change men's minds.' While noting Bentley's outdated use of 'men,' I believe the phrase applies to IN THE SHADOW OF MY SON. It's a necessary work which I commend to your attention."
- Amlin Gray, Obie award winning playwright

"This is the catalyst. I feel relieved knowing this piece is out there. I know it can change the world."
- Mother of PPD Survivor

"I thought the play was fantastic! It made me feel 'normal' and not crazy."
"I really enjoyed the play; it was great to enjoy the illness from the outside looking in, not being trapped on the inside."
"I really wish that every docotr and any other health care worker could have seen it."
"I was so glad my partner was there, he gets what I'm going through now."
"The actresses did an amazing job, it was so real."
"I loved everything about it, it was so powerful."
- Mothers currently suffering from postpartum depression, Thunder Bay Ontario

"I saw the play Friday night and I had to come back with this guy this afternoon. We both have pregnant women living in our houses and this play was so informative. I thought he should be ready for what may happen to his wife. I was sure glad I came."
- Husband in Thunder Bay Ontario

"Your play really was quite moving [and] educational, as well as reminding me of the emotions and feelings I went through for especially the first year of being a mother... It would benefit so many women and men to see it."
- Stephanie Lavner; Actor and Mother

"Riveting and real..."
- Professional Author

"'You are honest. You tell it like it is.'... 'A good piece of theater raises questions; that's what Nadine did.'... 'It's not only beautiful.. it's powerful.'"
- Theatre Department Professors

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