How To Contribute

There are many ways to contribute.

Let's make a village.

We need your help getting the word out about Postpartum Depression!

The tour of the new play, In the Shadow of my Son, written and adapted by Nadine Bernard, is doing just that. It is getting people talking. It is shining the light on an issue that has spent too many years in darkness. As years of women’s suffering comes into our country’s consciousness, we need a community event to unite us in an effort to help new mothers. Your support in the form of a donation would help us do just that. We need your dollars to continue this campaign.

Without your support, the cry of new mothers will remain a script in the bottom of a drawer, unheard like so many unhappy women who have suffered in silence.

Financial Support

You can contribute online to Out Of The Shadow Productions by clicking here and accessing The Field. Make sure you put the Artist's Name as Out of the Shadow Productions.

Alternately, mail a check payable to "The Field" and earmarked for "Out Of the Shadow Productions" to:

Finally, you can arrange a contribution directly when you send an email to:

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