Booking Information

Who should book the show? We will perform within a two hour drive of New York City at theaters, colleges, hospitals, nursing schools, medical conferences, nonprofit organizations, churches, temples, and community centers. All that is needed is a minimum of 300 square feet (20' x 15') playing area, sound system, and some platforms or risers.

To book In the Shadow of My Son for your organization, please send an email to:

Fees vary according to time, location, size of venue, and nature of event.

Performance Rights

Performance rights are available for In the Shadow of My Son for eligible organizations including non-profits, not-for-profits, universities, colleges, high schools, other educational institutions, medical organizations, community groups, and not-for-profit theaters.

Scripts are also available for perusal and consideration of possible performances.

For more information on performance rights and script availability, please email us at

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